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Leveraging social media for trial strategies

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By Amy Singer, Ph.D., Diana Greninger and Kemberlee Bonnet

In last week’s article (Using social networking during voir dire, October 22, 2013), we described how people’s social network information is useful in jury de-selection. Online social networking sites are now being considered to be the world’s largest focus group and this can be leveraged in a variety of ways. This week we will discuss how information gathered from social media websites is also beneficial to attorneys during trial proceedings and in forming a presentation strategy.


How to persuade jurors in a complex case

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By Amy Singer, Ph.D. and Diana Greninger

Our American system of justice is the only system in the world that allows for a guaranteed right: to be judged by a jury of one’s peers. But what if your peers simply cannot identify or relate with you?  What if they cannot identify with either party because the subject matter is simply too complicated for an average person with an average education to understand?

The last thing a trial attorney wants after waiting months (or sometimes years) for their client’s day in court is to talk to six to twelve blank stares and watch all of the information that they have long prepared to give them go straight over their heads.


Scientifically proven ways to be persuasive in the courtroom

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By Amy Singer, Ph.D. and Diana Greninger

Trial consulting: as some of us like to call it, persuasion psychology.

 The study of psychology, which means “study of the soul,” dates back as far as the 1600’s. It wasn’t until the 1970’s, in our modern courtrooms, that persuasion psychology emerged.  A trial consultant’s main goals include: de-selecting jurors who may have biases against your side; de-selecting jurors who have biases favorable to the other side; and coming up with presentation strategies to cause the seated jurors to surrender and make a decision that is favorable to your side.



Cost Benefits of Simulcasting

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had a bigger budget?” In today’s world, money is power. As business owners, litigators and political consultants, we must constantly consider the cost benefits of spending a little more in research, social media efforts, among other things.


Google loves authority: How to be #1 on Google. Oh, and a litttle bit about persuasion

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Reading time: 10 – 17 minutes
The Shocking Power of Authority

Let’s say you see a newspaper ad saying the psychology department at Yale is running a little “experiment on memory.” Paid volunteers are needed for the hour-long study, so you figure why not?

Upon arrival at the lab, you meet two men — a research scientist in a lab coat, and another volunteer just like yourself. The researcher proceeds to explain the study to you both.
He tells you the study is about the effects of punishment on memory. The task of the other volunteer will be to learn a series of word pairings (he’s called the “Learner”).


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