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Technology and public sentiment: How to create the most effective demonstrative aids

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By Amy Singer, Ph.D. and Diana Greninger and Kemberlee Bonnet

Technology has certainly made its advances in the courtroom over the past couple of years. Among other things, it provides a means for the retrieval and analysis of numerous variables crucial to a case. One pertinent variable to consider, and that the public makes readily available, is sentiment.  When people express their emotions, their thoughts on the subject are affectively driven (as opposed to cognitively driven). Keep in mind that arguments and rationalizations do not work against affectively driven individuals. Emotions include anger, sympathy, frustration, shock, disgust, confusion, etc. Public sentiment analysis is critical as the results can be strategically used to effectively present your demonstrative evidence to appeal to juror emotions.


The advantages of virtual witness preparation

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By Amy Singer, Ph.D., Diana Greninger and Kemberlee Bonnet 

As consultants and attorneys we all know that witness preparation can make or break a case. Some attorneys might not have litigation consulting built into their timeframe or their budget for every case, as such requires travel and accommodations.  Virtual witness preparation can be an excellent solution to these concerns. In this article we will discuss the benefits of the virtual witness preparation and discuss Wizpor® as an advanced strategy for high-quality outcomes.



Wizpor®: The Benefits of Having an Anonymous Live Simulcast Audience

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Today’s business environment is more complex and competitive than it has ever been. Most businesses, attorneys and politicians have already discovered the need and benefits of immersing themselves in social media.  A majority have also begun creating marketing and presentation strategies to appeal to their online audiences and prospects.


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