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Applied Kabbalah: 10 sacred attributes to integrate into litigation Part one: Knowledge

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By Amy Singer, Ph.D., Diana Greninger and Kemberlee Bonnet


The Kabbalah is an ancient, complex and respected Jewish study of how the universe and life work; it increases awareness and it is a way of connecting various aspects of life..[1]  In modern times, the study of Kabbalah is less esoteric, as many individuals from all backgrounds study and apply its teachings to their everyday lives. There are 10 attributes (Sephirot) characteristic to the Kabbalah, which together result in “truth.” One of these attributes, the topic for this article, is referred to as DA’AT, which translates to “knowledge.”[2]  Kabbalah is concerned with “receiving,” therefore the DA’AT component of Kabbalah means receiving knowledge.



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