Case Analysis and Theme Development

We analyze the issues and problem areas of your case using an innovative approach that is jury driven and psychology based. Your theme will have the widest latitude of acceptance.

Pretesting ADR Presentations

Using our program A Mediate Reaction® we find the most powerful and persuasive arguments while testing for and eliminating problem areas.

Our propiertary tool, Discovery Reaction™, will analyze content and sentiment in real time to your customized criteria providing effective and potent persuasion strategies.

Our Discovery Re:action™ program will pre test the claims, evidence and deposition testimony in your case in order to provide paragon ADR and trial strategy.
Jury Research, Analysis and Strategic Planning

Our focus groups, mock trial, jury simulations are unique.

Our persuasion research methodlogy is based on sound applied research techniques. Dr. Singer is the only trial consultant in the country with a Ph.D. in Applied Research Psychology. Her pioneering approach to trial and jury research delivers reliable and valid intel. Our approach to strategic planning is cost effective and highly successful.

Community and Venue Studies

Our Quantitative Research Methods and Design is based on scientifically acceptable principles that will hold up in court.

Opening Statements and Closing Arguments Analysis

When there is zero room for error our jury driven, psychology based testing provides a platform for creativity and paragon strategies.

Witness Assessment and Evaluation

As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Singer will provide critical services to your most important witnesses.

As an aid in witness preparation, we were the first to use:

  • Psychodrama
  • Neuro linguistic programming
  • Gestalt therapy

Wizpor® Witness: Discovery Re: Action™

With Wizpor® Witnesses: Discovery Re: Action™, you will receive real time feedback during witness depositions. Wizpor® technology simulcasts the deposition in real time to a secret, password protected hand-picked and anonymous “audience.” While one attorney asks questions to the witness, an associate or paralegal can view live comments/opinions/observations/questions made by your “audience” and “audience” moderator. Questions, comments and observations are texted to your laptop or iPad. You will learn what additional questions to ask, what an audience finds important, and most importantly; what critical information will change their mind. You can modify strategies instantaneously, maximizing the chances for better discovery solutions to addressing the problem areas of your case.

Voir Dire Consultation

With over 1500 voir dire consultations since 1978, Trial Consultants, Inc.® was the first to recognize that voir dire is a deselection process. In order to effectively exercise peremptory challenges the attorney must get a sample of deliberation behavior. Questions that lead to challenges for cause is an integral part of our strategy. This is accomplished by the Singerian Voir Dire Methodolgy.

In Courtroom Assessment

We were the first to use social media* to provide our clients with  feedback of critical testimony and evidence to guide direct and cross examination. Our trained staff, using our patented Wizpor™ system, provides the intel to provide trial strategies that works.

Opinion Stream®

Trial Consultants, Inc first introduced opinion streaming in 1999. Opinion Streams® allows attorneys to get reactions to their case issues from tapping into various cyber villages/communities. The best of both worlds are blended seamlessly in Opinion Stream®: anonymous responses increase candor while tapping into cyber communities providing insight into value beliefs and interests.