The advantages of virtual witness preparation

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By Amy Singer, Ph.D., Diana Greninger and Kemberlee Bonnet 

As consultants and attorneys we all know that witness preparation can make or break a case. Some attorneys might not have litigation consulting built into their timeframe or their budget for every case, as such requires travel and accommodations.  Virtual witness preparation can be an excellent solution to these concerns. In this article we will discuss the benefits of the virtual witness preparation and discuss Wizpor® as an advanced strategy for high-quality outcomes.

Customized Virtual Witness Preparation with Wizpor®

Wizpor® gives attorneys options as to what strategy they want to employ for witness preparation. For example, the attorney can choose an intimate witness preparation session consisting of only the witness, attorney and consultant. Alternatively, the attorney can choose witness preparation to be conducted in conjunction with a Wizpor® online focus group and/or with a live focus group. The more services an attorney uses, the broader the audience and the more feedback that he or she acquires.

Wizpor® Juror Feedback in Witness Preparation

A great benefit of virtual witness preparation via Wizpor® is that Wizpor® jurors have less of an opinion “filter” than live jurors and provide unrestricted feedback toward the witness. Wizpor® jurors are more likely to address things that put them off about the witness. If your witness expresses some unusual gesture or tick, the Wizpor® jurors will respond to that, whereas live jurors are much less likely to do so. This type of feedback directs the attorney to immediately address matters such as the witness’ demeanor, facial expressions and body language that can be misinterpreted by a jury. 

Wizpor® Technical Capabilities

Wizpor® allows more possibilities for data utilization than traditional in-person focus groups. Having quality high-resolution video and camera techniques, Wizpor® allows the attorney and consultant to see the witness’ entire body or a close view of the witness’ face only. This precision allows for the focus to be directly on the witness and distractions present in face-to-face witness preparation are eliminated.

Wizpor® sessions are recorded so the consultant, attorney and witness can later refer to the session. This permits post-session analysis of, for example, the witness’s emotional responses and movements. From that movement analysis, the attorney and consultant can identify emotionally provocative trigger points that evoke the witness’ responses to key points of the case and use that data to further prepare the witness for likely similar opposing attorney cross examination provocations.  In addition, the recording can be played back to more Wizpor® jurors at a later time if more feedback is desired.


Another benefit of Wizpor® virtual witness preparation is that it is cost-effective. With no need for travel or accommodations, expenses are decreased substantially.  In addition, virtual meetings reduce the cost of mock jurors because there is no need to arrange for a large conference room. Virtual witness preparation also permits online jurors to be compensated in different ways; for example, jurors can be awarded participation “points” per study that can be traded for gift cards. This type of award system allows the attorney to pay participants less, yet the participants are satisfied.

Time Management

Wizpor® witness preparation is highly beneficial for time management. With the tremendous amount of work to be done before trial, Wizpor® provides the flexibility needed to avoid the stresses associated with fitting witness preparation into an already tight schedule.

Wizpor® witness preparation is also beneficial for consultant/attorney follow-up. For example, an attorney might realize the day after or a week after witness preparation that that they have something that they wanted to work on and didn’t realize their need until the witness preparation session and focus group is complete. This can easily be addressed with the ease of Wizpor® because the consultant can quickly accommodate the attorney’s need by virtual methods. In addition, if the attorney needs to postpone, it is much easier and cost effective for the attorney to reschedule an online virtual witness preparation than an entire trip or face-to-face meeting.


More attorneys are turning to virtual witness preparation to meet their pre-trial needs. Wizpor® is a highly effective solution and allows for customized services. We all know that many attorneys’ cases have been wrecked by ill-prepared witnesses. Do not let the absence of witness preparation break your case!



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